International Paint Copywriting

International Yacht Paint

Relaunching their global site from the ground up.


Collaborating with JungleMinds in Amsterdam, I helped to craft a bold new platform for DIY and pro boat painters. 

The brief was to create a website that inspired confidence in DIY boaters to pick up a brush and undertake boat repairs themselves. This isn’t the norm as most website were convoluted and complex with their advice. So the content had to be easy to read, to-the-point and very clear. Working closely with the team, I crafted all the texts for the website including the main concept line: ‘Paint your boat like a pro.’

I wrote all the copy for the website. The creative headers, product texts, knowledgebase – all with way down to the alt tags and meta descriptions. An involved and complex project, it resulted in drastically increased metrics for the client.

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Client: Akzo Nobel
Services: Full website content


VARNISHES – Perfection Plus
The ultimate in varnish performance, combining excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with superb gloss. It even has UV filters to extend its life.

The ultimate hard antifouling, providing a smooth finish ideal for powerboats or fast yachts.

Osmosis protection for GRP boats and anti-corrosive protection for steel and alloys below the waterline.

FILLERS & APOXY – Watertite
A quick drying epoxy filler with a formulation that doesn’t shrink and is extremely water-resistant, making it suitable for osmosis damage repairs.